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Christian Yellow Kidney

Is currently in his fourth year working on a BFA at the Institute of American Indian Arts with a major in Cinematic Arts and Technology. His lineage is from the Southern Piegan Band of the Blackfeet Nation from northern Montana. Born and raised in the ceremony way of the

Blackfeet, Christian continues to conduct his life with the values and traditions of his upbringing. His interests include photography, music production, mental health and suicide prevention awareness. Christian also loves the outdoors, dogs and trail running in the mountains.

My latest projects

Suicide Prevention Awareness Campaign

I give thanks to these hands, without them my dreams would be impossible. Gratitude is the Reason Why I Live Today.

It is in fact an act of courage to reach out for help when you need it. Because I reached out for help my life was saved. Reaching out is the Reason Why I Live Today. 

I invite you to come into your power. Coming into my power is the Reason Why I Live Today.

Click the project to view Cinematography

My company is a first generation photography enterprise, with a style that is heavy in contrast, shadows and all things dark.  I aspire to change the censorship norms and gender pronoun norms for all who identify outside the gender binary.  Through edgy studio photography I bring a raw and brazen theme to contemporary art.  Disclaimer, not intended for children.

Click cube for short films  |  505.604.2187

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